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Hillbilly Run Crew Weekly Write-Ups

Hillbilly Run Crew Write-Up 14 June 2021


Hillbilly Run Crew Write-Up 14 June 2021



Another week of running the books for the Hillbilly Endurance Run Crew and there was certainly some impressive runs.  We saw some big distances and some big elevation this past week.  Those racing the Gold Coast Marathon will be getting close to their peak week while others preparing some some of the big trail ultras are really getting the work done in the hills.  

For the first time in what seems like forever, there’s a new name at the top of the distance leaderboard.  Brad Glover has collected the top step with a huge 206km for the week.  A big chunk of the milage for Brad was collected as part of a crew at the Irrational SOUTH 200 mile race in South Australia.  Well done Brad. 

In second place was Nicholas Bamford with 175.1km for the week.  Nick put in two big efforts on the track over the weekend in preparation for an upcoming 24hour track event.  It will be great to see how he goes. 

Third place just behind Nick on 173.6km for the week was Sam Fletcher. Well over 100 miles for the week.  

Elevation saw a decent jump this week and it was a big effort from Reesha Lewis that took out the top spot.  Reesha climbed 6,837m as she continue to show how strong she is in the hills and she’ll be tough to beat in some of the upcoming trail ultras. 

Our second placed runner in the elevation stakes this week is no slouch in the mountains either and continues to eat up the elevation each week.  Sheree Barnes had another big week of climbing with 5,046m.  

Third place this week with 4,090m was our weekly distance winner, Brad Glover.  Showing that there was a decent chunk of elevation in the Irrational SOUTH course. 

Well done to everyone that had a run this week.  We continue to see the volume increase, and the elevation grow.  Great to see so many people dialled into their training.  You can see the full top 5 leaderboards on our website: https://hillbillyendurance.com.au/pages/hillbilly-endurance-run-crew

Epic Run of the Week. 

We love to celebrate all kinds of great efforts when it comes to the Epic Run of the Week. In the past it’s been personal best times, distance PBs and just some flat out crazy runs in beautiful parts of the country.  This week’s Epic Run of the Week is more about the selflessness of the run than the run itself, even that it is an impressive effort in its own right. 

Brad Glover helped pace Kieren O’Brien to a big win in the inaugural Irrational SOUTH 200 mile race in South Australia.  Now I’m sure plenty of people here have paced others in long races and helped get them through the night and some tough patches.  Brad paced Kieren for 161.7km straight!  Meaning he ran a 100 mile run as a pacer… 28 hours out on his feet helping a mate get through one of the longest point to point ultra marathons in Australia.  Most of us only dream of running 100 miles, with our own pacers to help us.  This was a monumental effort on Brad’s part and a truely selfless act in support of a mate.  If you were following along via social media you might have seen how much fun and camaraderie there was between the Brad and the rest of the crew there supporting Kieren’s run.  It looked like an epic few days with some entertaining social media posts.  

Well done Brad on your 100 mile pacing run and helping get the win for KOB.  You’re out Epic Run of the Week winner.  We’ll be in touch to hook you u[ with a 25% off voucher.  



By Ben Darcy

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