Hillbilly Endurance Run Crew


Originally we created this as a way to keep motivated when all the races were postponed or cancelled.  The response has been unreal and it's been awesome seeing the group grow.  Now some races have started to come back and we are seeing some big efforts from the ultra marathon beasts, the mountain goats and those getting out there and just getting it done. 

If you want to be involved all you need to do is join the Hillbilly Endurance Run Crew on Strava by clicking the link.

Through our social media channels we will provide updates each week on the crew and those that are still training the house down even when no one knows when the next race is. The leader board below will be maintained each week and if we see something truly impressive we'll give you a shout out! To helps identify the runs that you are super proud of (it's alright to brag when you achieve something and we want to help you brag too!) tag us in your Strava, Instagram and Facebook posts about your runs, @hillbillyendurance. 

      HILLBILLY ENDURANCE RUN CREW LEADERS FOR THE WEEK             16 November to 22 November 2020

1.   Margie Hadley - 185km 1.  The Bogan - 2,469m
2.   Tony Smith - 161.1km 2.  Vince Villarosa - 2,393m
3.   Barry Loveday - 160.7km 3.  Sam Fletcher - 2,372m
4.   Andrew Yeatman - 154.1km 4.  Howard McCann - 2,370m
5.   Jodie Cumner - 140.6km 5.  Hayley Teale - 2,363m




We are suckers for awesome pictures of the runs/adventures you legends have and the Epic Run of the Week this week was no exception.  If you have awesome photos of your runs remember to tag us on Facebook or Instagram @hillbilly Endurance or on Strava @Ben Darcy.

Some incredible pictures popped up on Strava this week.  Sometimes we look at the photo and know where it is, but this week's winner put up some shots of scenery we'd never seen before, and they were awesome! 

Sam Fletcher had a day out in the gorgeous mountains of Tasmania.  Taking in some spectacular sights, including the famous Cradle Mountain and its 1,545m peak. Now I'm sure a lot of runners have heard of the Overland Track and we're guessing some of you have probably run/hiked it too.  Well we haven't yet but we definitely will be now after see the pics from Sam's 27.5km adventure along it. What an incredible part of our wonderful country. 

Well done Sam on such a spectacular run and also being our Epic Run of the Week winner.  As the weekly winner you get a 25% discount code for use in the Hillbilly Endurance online store.

Everyone remember to keep tagging us in your pictures on Instagram and Facebook.  You can also tag me in your comments on Strava (Ben Darcy) if you don't want to plaster your runs that you're secretly very proud of all over social media.  


All-Time Weekly Distance Record All-Time Weekly Elevation Record
Stephen Wright - 570km Deb Nicholl - 17,514m