Hillbilly Endurance Run Crew


Originally we created this as a way to keep motivated when all the races were postponed or cancelled.  The response has been unreal and it's been awesome seeing the group grow.  We stated with about 60 people in the group and we're now well over 300.  Thank you to everyone that has got themselves involved! 

If you want to be involved all you need to do is join the Hillbilly Endurance Run Crew on Strava by clicking the link.  Also join our Facebook group to meet likeminded runners and talk general running chit-chat.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/2502535149976788/

Through our social media channels we provide updates each week on the crew and those that are still training the house down even when no one knows when the next race is. The leader board below will be maintained each week and if we see something truly impressive we'll give you a shout out! To helps identify the runs that you are super proud of (it's alright to brag when you achieve something and we want to help you brag too!) tag us in your Strava, Instagram and Facebook posts about your runs, @hillbillyendurance. 


1.   Margie Hadley - 195.6km 1.  Dale Chircop - 4,806m
2.   Barry Loveday - 189km 2.  Vince Villarosa - 4,800m
3.   Tony Smith - 178.8km 3.  Tom Cullum - 4,159m
4.   Jodie Cumner - 142.3km 4.  Chris Hill - 3,578m
5.   Danni Vanderheul - 122km 5.  Cameron Wood - 3,028m

This week was tough, really tough to pick a winner and thanks to those that tagged us, it makes it a bit easier to find all the awesome runs.  We are always amazed by the focus and effort you put into your training. Then putting it altogether on race day and achieving your goals inspires us here.  Above all of this though, we love the community aspect of running. We love that runners completely unknown to each other at the start of a run can become mates by the end of it.  Anyone that’s walked a few tough kilometres during a race with someone they’ve never met knows how cool this connection is.  So this week, we are again awarding two winners of the Epic Run of the Week and it’s not for the 100km they ran on the Friday and Saturday but for the 7km recovery effort around the Mt Buller area together on Sunday, and that’s Dale Chircop and Vince Villarosa. 

I’m going to go out on a limb (and I hope I’m right so don’t burst my bubble if I’m wrong, just let me enjoy my blissful ignorance) and assume that Vince and Dale hadn’t met each other before this weekend and connected during their two days of racing.

We all run for various reasons whether it’s fitness or achieving our personal goals, but I believe it’s the running communities both local and broader that keep us coming back for more and more.  Gents, I thought getting out for a cruisy run after two days of hard running was bloody epic and is why it wins our Epic Run of the Week.  Now I’m fairly sure this is the first time someone has won this twice (and in this case two people winning it for the second time) and I can tell you that it’s definitely harder to win our Epic Run of the Week if you’ve previously won it, but to us there was just too many good things about this run that we couldn’t not pick it! It’s not always about the longest or the fastest, for us there’s so much more to running.Also, Vince those photos you posted were pretty epic too!

We’ll be in touch to send you through your 25% off discount vouchers.

We will again be picking an Epic Run of the Year and sending out a prize pack.  We will pick the winner from our weekly winners, so if you want to be in with a chance make sure you tag @hillbillyendurance in an Instagram or Facebook post of your run.  You don’t need to put all the run details in your post, but we do need to be able to find it on Strava so we can check it out and pick a winner! 

All-Time Weekly Distance Record All-Time Weekly Elevation Record
Stephen Wright - 570km Deb Nicholl - 17,514m