Hillbilly Endurance Run Crew


Originally we created this as a way to keep motivated when all the races were postponed or cancelled.  The response has been unreal and it's been awesome seeing the group grow.  We stated with about 60 people in the group and now we're nearly at 400.  Thank you to everyone that has got involved! 

If you want to be involved all you need to do is join the Hillbilly Endurance Run Crew on Strava by clicking the link.  Also join our Facebook group to meet likeminded runners and talk general running chit-chat.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/2502535149976788/

Through our social media channels we provide updates each week on the crew and those that are still training the house down even when no one knows when the next race is. The leader board below will be maintained each week and if we see something truly impressive we'll give you a shout out! To helps identify the runs that you are super proud of (it's alright to brag when you achieve something and we want to help you brag too!) tag us in your Strava, Instagram and Facebook posts about your runs, @hillbillyendurance. 


1.   Margie Hadley - 215km 1.  John Newman - 5,407m
2.   Stephen Wright - 145.1km 2.  Rheena Walton - 5,190m 
3.   Jodie Cumner - 140.km 3.  Shaun Pettit - 5,026m
3.   Joshua Duff -136.3km 4.  Rowan Cassidy - 5,004m
5.   Rowan Cassidy - 131.3km 5.  Vince Villarosa - 4,808m

When I knew so many of you were running at The Guzzler I assumed the Epic Run of the Week would come from someone racing an event there.  There was a couple of honourable mentions/contenders for this week though, in particular Joshua Duff who did a last one standing training run to the tune of 70km… and Brad Aird who ran a ‘Goat Royale’ in Nerang National Park.  If you don’t know what a Goat Royale is, check out Brad’s Strava.  Brad I will run one of these one day… Then there was the efforts from many of you at The Guzzler.  Craig Watson with a super gutsy 100km and just powered on like a big diesel engine to get it done.  John Walsh showed us what we all knew, that he is a super ultra trail runner and finished 7th in the 100km.  Rowan Cassidy was 10th on the 100km and he had just gone from strength to strength with is running over the last couple of years.  Ben Rech smashed is sub 20 hour goal for the 100km and Connor H nailed his 100km race too.  

In the 50km Reesha Lewis took the win and the course record, reminding everyone that she is one of the best 50km trail runners in the country. There was many more in both distances and sorry that I couldn’t mentioned everyone.  But… there is one that was the standout for the Epic Run of the Week..

Shaun Pettit took the win in the 100km and also took down the course record in a time of 11 hours and 28 minutes.  Shaun has made regular appearances on our leaderboards over the past couple of months, in particular the elevation leaderboard.  You could see he was building to something and has put it all together on the weekend to claim the win and set the fastest time recorded on the 100km course since the event started three years ago. Shaun took more than 20 minutes off the record that was set in 2019 and took the win by well over an hour.  A fantastic run by Shaun and it will be great to see what you do next with the two best ultra marathons in South East Queensland still to be run this year (Coastal High and Blackall… my opinion but I reckon some of you will agree).  

We will be in touch to hook you up with a 25% discount for use in our online store.  

The weekly write-ups will continue while we’re away but they may not always be done on a Monday as we’re at the mercy of the internet gods! Don’t let that stop you tagging us in your runs and posts so that we can make sure we see all your epic ness!  The posts certainly helped us see just how hard the Trail Turkeys worked during the Kokoda Challenge.  

We will again be picking an Epic Run of the Year and sending out a prize pack.  We will pick the winner from our weekly winners so make sure you let us know about your runs! 

All-Time Weekly Distance Record All-Time Weekly Elevation Record
Stephen Wright - 570km Deb Nicholl - 17,514m