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About Us


Inspired by the fantastic community of trail and ultra runners in Western Australia Hillbilly Endurance was born.  We are now based on Queensland's Gold Coast but our roots will always be in Western Australia. 

Our goal is to provide quality apparel and equipment to endurance athletes and enthusiasts alike. 

Much like the WA trail community Hillbilly Endurance is for everyone and we never want to take ourselves too serious. Our name came about through some silly play-on-words:  Hill = Mountain (especially for us that are out there for fun more than fame where every hill feels like a mountain) and Billy as in billy goat (being great at climbing and eating, but mostly climbing). Our logo is what happens when a billy goat becomes a hillbilly, hence the beard.  

The beard has bit more meaning that just being a silly billy (see what we did there) it is also a bit of a tribute to a number of great Western Australian trail and ultra running community contributors, where a big beard was a common feature on the trails for men and women alike.  

Our motto is 'Run Up. Run Down. Run Far.'  This is where we get a bit serious and our motto is as much about physically going up, down and far as it is mentally.  

Not everyone is going to be an elite runner. For most of us the achievement is getting to the finish line in one piece and being happy with the effort we put in to get there.  

We have produced a small batch of our own products and as we grown we will continue bring some of the best and unique endurance sport apparel and equipment to Australia.  

So we invite you to come along for the ride with us as we hit the trails, roads and mountains (or hills) to test ourselves against mother nature and have a ball while we do it.