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Hillbilly Run Crew Weekly Write-Ups

Hillbilly Run Crew Weekly Write-Up May 24 - 30 2021


Hillbilly Run Crew Weekly Write-Up May 24 - 30 2021


Having a look at the weekly results and there was some big weeks across the board.  The top 20 all cracked the 100km mark and it took 54.5km to make the top 100!  So big training weeks happening everywhere was we are getting close to the bigger marathons in Australia.

Margie Hadley topped the distance leaderboard for the week.  I’m sure none of us are shocked at that.  It is amazing that Margie continues to clock over 200kms week-in-week-out.  This past week was not exception and Margie finished with a total of 207.1km, simply incredibly strong and consistent high-volume training.  

Our second place getting this week must feel a bit short changed after cracking the 200km mark and still not finishing on top.  Sean Lyons had a monster week with 202.1km for the week and banked a fantastic week of training. 

In third was Michael Hooker also with a huge week of 182km.  Crazy to think that 182km was only enough for third place!  For reference this was only 700m more than fourth place too! 

The elevation leader board this week was topped by a fellow that is certainly no stranger to running in big mountains.  Dylan Cole-Jones climbed 4,141m for the week and it looks like he is gearing up for a crack at the Brisbane Trail Ultra 100 miler. It will be great to see Dylan have a crack at probably the toughest 100 miler in Queensland. 

Second place was another strong trail runner, just a couple of weeks after her incredible run at UTA.  Reesha Lewis climbed 3,768m for the week and looks set to take on the next challenge in 2021. 

Rhi M was third place with 3,608m of climbing which included a big Gold Coast hinterland loop with her Kokoda Challenge team.  

As always some incredible running for the week.  Hopefully everyone that could, got out for a run/walk/hike.  Full top 5 leader board results can be found on our website: https://hillbillyendurance.com.au/pages/hillbilly-endurance-run-crew


The Epic Run of the Week goes to a runner in an event I was following pretty closely, mainly because I wanted to run it but also some of the entrants have been kind enough (or foolish enough) to let me assist with their training.  It was great to see a big contingent from the Good Times Running Club enter the Warwick Pentathrun.  If you’re not familiar with the event, it’s actually five races that make up the marathon distance over two days in the Queensland country town of Warwick.  The races are; Day 1: (1)- half marathon, (2) – 4.6km Cross Country, (3) – 5km Road Race.  Day 2: (4) - 10km uphill road race and the event finishes with race 5 a flat 1,500m.  A great concept of a race and by all reports a fantastic weekend away. 

The Epic Run of the Week goes to the Female winner of the event, Yvonne Hillberg.  ‘Vonnie’ as she is know to most people (there’s also a few other choice nicknames) started with a cracking half marathon and then had to keep it going in the trail event.  Those that train with Yvonne know she’s not a big fan of trails but this didn’t stop her having a crack, even though her Lululemon tights got covered in bindies.  As the race is based on accumulative time, this brought Yvonne back to the pack a bit, but may have been a strategic stroke of genius as the other events played out.  Vonnie had a blistering 5km race to put a couple of minutes into her nearest rival.  Even after the end of day one Yvonne still had enough in the tank to dominate the dance floor at the local pub! 

Day two kicked off with the 10km road race and Vonnie added to her lead to be in the box seat for the win with only the 1,500m left to race, provided she didn’t blow a hammie trying to re-live the high school glory days.  A very smart and controlled 1,500m was enough to take the Pentathrun win, more than 6 minutes ahead of second place. 

Much like last week’s winner, Vonnie is another super mum that fits her training in around a young family and still manages to run exceptionally well.  Well done Yvonne and I cannot wait to see you put it all together again at the Gold Coast Marathon. We’ll be in touch with your 25% off discount voucher for our store.

Make sure you let us know about your epic runs by tagging @hillbillyendurance in your Facebook and Instagram posts or even send as a message with a link to your Strava if you don’t want to post on socials.  

We will again be picking an Epic Run of the Year and sending out a prize pack.  We will pick the winner from our weekly winners so make sure you let us know about your runs! 


By Ben Darcy

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