Hillbilly Run Crew Weekly Leaderboard 12-18 April 2021

The weeks keep rolling on and you runners keep getting it done. The training has been huge this week as many of you build to the crescendo of your UTA training. We can see others focusing on different upcoming races while some of you smashed it out of the park in a race over the weekend. There were a few that headed to Alpine Challenge and ran incredibly well in one of the toughest ultra marathons in the country. On the Runnin’ Ya Mouth Podcast Jimmy and I had Alpine Challenge 100 miler as the fifth toughest ultra marathon in Australia. I’d love to know from those that ran it this year whether or not you think we were on the mark. There was some road runners rolling the legs over at the Gold Coast Running Festival and a number of 10km and half-marathon PBs recorded in the process on what is not a fast course.
On top of the distance leaderboard this week was a lady that trains incredibly consistent week-in-week out and she went really big this week with 193.2km.
Sandi Faddy
had a huge start to her week, with 120km in the legs before lunchtime on Wednesday with some awesome runs on the Kilkivan to Kingaroy Rail Trail (know as the KKRT which will also be home to a brand new ultra in the future!). Sandi didn’t stop there though, plenty more running throughout the week including 4 loops of the infamous ‘Chainsaw’ at Camp Mountain just west of Brisbane. A huge week that had a bit of everything, well done Sandi.
In second place was a gentleman that has put in some amazing training over the past few months to set him up for a great run at Alpine Challenge. John Walsh ran 175.3km for the week with 100 miles of that being the Alpine Challenge race. In a super though ultra with a really stacked front of the field, John had a phenomenal run at Alpine and it was great to see all his hard work paying off.
Our third placed athlete on the distance leaderboard was
Margie Hadley
. Margie ran 170.3km for the week and it feels absolutely insane to say this, but that’s just a standard week for her.
Righto elevation this week was bound to be dominated by those tackling 100 miles through the Victoria alpine region. Sitting atop the list with a monster total of 7,596m was John Newman. John was another finisher of the super tough Alpine Challenge 100 mile and managed to capture the beauty of the Victorian ski fields at this time of year, some really awesome pics on his Strava post. There’s also a link to a great recap of how the race unfolded for John. Well done John and smashing that miler!
In second place unsurprisingly was John Walsh following his fantastic run at Alpine Challenge too. John finished off the week with 7,241m of elevation in his legs, given him second place on both the distance and elevation leaderboards in a week where big totals in both were recorded.
Finally in third place for elevation was Neil McNeil with 6,204m of accent. Nearly all of Neil’s running this week was hill repeats and 6,204m of elevation in less than 95km of running is crazy steep!
Well done to everyone that got out the door for some running this week. Full top 5 leaderboard is available on our website https://hillbillyendurance.com.au/.../hillbilly-endurance...
The epic run of the week took a bit a research. We really had to analyse some of the runs. Or course there was the huge efforts by John and John at Alpine Challenge, there were some PB’s recorded on the road which were fantastic and also an honourable mention to Nicholas Bamford who won the 42km race at Alpine Challenge then backed it up with a 60km effort as a pacer for John Walsh. In the end though it was a crazy looping effort around a tough trail by
Sheree Barnes
that stood out as the winner. Sheree participated in the ‘Chainsaw Marathon’ which I believe is a ‘fat ass’ run put on by some of the Brisbane Trail Runners. The run involves loops of a 3.5km section at Camp Mountain that includes a climb known as Chainsaw. Chainsaw on its own is 1.26km long with 276m of elevation. The idea of the Chainsaw Marathon is to run the loop for 42.2km, which Sheree managed to do, however 42.2km wasn’t enough so Sheree rounded it up to a nice 50.8km. In total, this was a 50km run with 4,339m of vertical gain a massive effort and our Epic Run of the Week.
Well done Sheree we’ll be in touch regarding your 25% off voucher as our Epic Run of the Week Winner.
Everyone make sure you keep tagging @hillbillyendurance in your Facebook and Instagram posts or even send as a message with a link to your Strava if you don’t want to post on socials.
We will again be picking an Epic Run of the Year and sending out a prize pack. We will pick the winner from our weekly winners so make sure you let us know about your runs!

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